Designing the Drawing Room

The concept of drawing room has undergone drastic changes over time. This was one room that kept moving around the house design for quite some time before being properly defined now. In the early 20th Century, drawing room was identified in Western homes as exclusive space for women, while smoking room was marked out for men. This is based on the concept of using the space as a place to retire for chat after dinner.
So the evolution of drawing room is always about the easy flow from dining area. Modern concepts keep the drawing room design as open and easily accessible to facilitate this movement.
When this was adapted to our Eastern sensibilities, the drawing room ended up being the first space into which guests step in on entering the house. It creates the first impression about the home. So, the design of drawing room should communicate the philosophy of the home and its ambience.

Getting the drawing room design right

The first thing about drawing room is to make everyone feel included. Furniture should be placed in such a manner so that no one feels left out. Keep the room spacious enough after placing the main furniture to pull in those extra stools and ottomans, and chairs from other rooms. The idea is to create conversation areas.
Drawing rooms used to be the space where decorations were used most. Elaborate lighting equipment like chandeliers, intricate designs of mirrors and tapestries were the norm. But not anymore. The present trend is to keep it simple and elegant.
Since space is marked out for seating guests for conversations, it is essential to create handy spots for placing drinks and cups. Side tables or garden tools that go along with the general design will be much appreciated by the guests. Use photographs and paintings in tune with the general design pattern of the room. A minimal library with some good and interesting titles stacked up in an aesthetic manner can also do well to augur the look of the room.
On the whole, it is advisable to keep the room airy and open. This will immediately put the guests at ease.