Vertical Gardens can make a huge difference

Gardens are the best way of entertainment and relaxation in the middle of hectic modern day routine. The main issue is space. Home gardens are ruled out in most of the apartments, but hardcore garden crazy people, just like the stubborn climber, always find a way out.

The new trend catching up is vertical gardens, which is all about plants in containers or geo felt bags mounted on the walls, some with even a drip irrigation system. What was popular in apartments abroad has caught the fancy of the metros and cities in India.

Green walls bring in a freshness to daily life. They have been accepted as symbols of growth, auspiciousness and fertility since time immemorial. That is why, more and more people are going for vertical garden, despite being the high cost involved. This is more of a passion than a lifestyle statement. Plants are proved to reduce stress. It is also believed that live plants can improve the vastu of a place.

How to make Vertical Gardens

So it is better to start with seaonsal flowers, philodendron and money plants are ideal for vertical home gardens. Also it is advisable to focus on a smaller area, which makes it easy to control weed infestation. The most preferred choice for vegetable farming is geobags. There are some who go for soil-less media, which comprises only chemicals or chemicals with fertilisers. Organic materials like coco peat, manure and other nutrients essential for plant growth are also some options being tried out for vertical gardens.

Choose a wall or a partition, and next step is to create a green wall. The green wall should be three-layer sandwich of frame, plastic sheet and fabric for the ease of mounting and unmounting. It is always better to have a free-standing green wall. Go for semi-shade plants, which survives on indirect sunlight.

Also, make provision for irrigation, be it drip irrigation or direct tap connection and also channels to drain off extra water. Hose for outdoor walls and spray gun for indoor walls are the most preferred solutions.