Simple tips to fill positivity in your home

Being positive in all matters will not only make your mind and life happier and calmer, but also the people around you. And to be positive you have to take care of some other factors too. One place where you spend most of your time is your home. It might be your sanctuary, a recreation

a recreation area to get away from all other things in the world. So filling your home with positivity can be the best way to make yourself recreated into a positive mind to bring out the best in your life.

So here is an introduction to some simple and easy ways to make you and your home positive:

1. Make yourself positive: If the creation should be good and perfect, then the creator also have to be good. So in order to fill your home with positivity the inhabitant, you, should be positive. Otherwise a single negative part in you could just prevent the positivity that you are trying to spread in your home. So think positive and act positive and let the good energy flourish in your home.

2. Make your actions and emotions positive:Fill your mind with good thoughts and act kindly to everyone around you. Keep away the envy, jealousy and hatred. For this just laugh out your heart often, try to be creative in your works, enjoy even the small things of life, share your abundance with others, earn rewards and money in ethical ways, always be touched with your dearest and loved ones and true friends. Also learn to forgive and forget, and move on with your life.

3. Get rid of the negativity from home:Unless you remove the negativity you cannot fill in the positivity, so eliminate the negative and blocked energy from your home. Sprinkling salt water or removing the clutters from your home are some of the ways that can be implemented for this purpose.

4. Prana and good flow of energy:

To provide a good flow of energy in your house you can try out the following tips: Plant flowering herbs and trees in your garden, it will refresh and relax your mind; place a water fountain in your house, it will help the smooth movement of good energy by removing the lethargic and stagnant energy; make way for sunlight and good air circulation in your home, open the curtains and windows for it; always keep the home clean and tidy and well painted, because shabby homes can never attract good thoughts and good energy.

5. Let spirituality vibrate in the home:

Practice to chant mantras, meditation, or yoga and make spirituality a part of your daily routine. The practice can help in making you remember the Almighty every day and to make you feel close to him. This practice will also help to vibrate positivity in your home.

6. Collect spiritual elements for your home:

Get elements of spiritual aspect for your home like spiritual music, statues or photographs of God, spiritual books, etc. Burn incense in every room of your home, avoid the use of alcohol or such items and avoid any spoiled activities.

7. Have a prayer room:

If there is enough space in your home, then give some space for a prayer area or room. Indian homes usually provide a small area or room for spiritual practice. This area can act as a powerhouse of positivity in your home.

8. Charity:

Try to get involved in some charity work whenever you get time. Donate a part of your income or share some food you made to the needy and poor.