Simple & cheapest ways to make Kitchen look more expensive

Simple & cheapest ways to make Kitchen look more expensive Kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. And it also where we often play it safe with designs and decorations. But being an attraction in your home why not give this place a sense of luxury? It doesn’t mean that you have to

purchase things outside your budget, it’s just to make it look more expensive without costing a fortune. So scroll through some interesting ideas that will help to turn your kitchen into a luxurious mode.

Light Colours are Best
To brighten up a space making it look larger and expensive use light colors on the walls and cabinets.It also helps to hide the scratches or dents in your old cabinet.

Change the Lights
Hanging lights like chandeliers and pendants are perfect accessories to brighten up your kitchen with luxury. In most of the houses and rentals standard lights or an unexpected element can be achieved.

Hardware Updation
Hardware can influence on the looks of a piece of furniture and cabinets. So replace those old drawers and cabinets for a newer attractive look.

Change the Cabinet Doors
To give your kitchen a sleek new look change those old worn out cranky cabinet doors and place new ones. Glass or glossy doors can be used to add some glam to the cabinets and to show off your nicest pieces opt for open shelving.

Replace Old Decorative Elements
Get rid of that old fruit bowl or spoon stand and place a colourful jar or tray instead. Because these small changes can make big differences to your kitchen.

Use Some Artwork
Artwork can be the best way for elevating any room including a kitchen. By this big and bold innovation an illusion of a bigger kitchen space can be generated.

Stye Up the Breakfast Spot
Place fresh flowers, a centre piece and throw pillows for styling up your breakfast spot.