Setting the positive energy for home

A house becomes a home when you pack the space with positive energy. Everything, right from the colour you choose for the wall to the furniture that you pick, matters. The flow of positive energy can make considerable change in the way your life builds up within the new home. It will change the way

you wake up every day, proceed with the day’s work and how you return to get refreshed.

There are many ways of ensuring positivity in the home. The most popular one is Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese practice. This philosophical system, which is closely linked to Taoism, is about harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The name feng shui can be translated literally as “wind-water” in English. Some of the basic elements of feng shui can be adapted to bring in positive energy into your homes. It is based on five key factors that make a home special.

Keys to positive energy

Space is an important concept when you start thinking about home. Most interestingly, it is not dependent on the volume of your home or room. Space is about how you arrange the available area. It is very simple, just keep the available space well organized and without clutter. This will ensure free flow of positive energy. Get rid of things that you don’t need any more or do not use. Such things gather negative energy and bring down the ambience.
Next comes Lighting. Bring in as much natural light as possible. Darkness is found to slow down vibrations.

Maintain good Air Quality at home. Regular servicing of air filters and presence of green house plants inside can make wonders, besides adding charm to the place.

Colour is a key element in altering the energy quotient of the home. Dark tones, closer to black can be stylish, but attract negativity. It is generally lighter shades of paint that bring in more cheer to the rooms. White is the best to attract positive energy, but having just white could be dull too. The key to happiness is finding the perfect blend that works for you.

Finally, Furniture and accessories come into play. Choose and keep only those things that you can emotionally connect with. Things that do not relate to you might affect the positivity of the home, however exclusive they might be.